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We carry may different types of remote control cars. If  you do not see the car or truck that you're looking for, it may be in the shop at this moment. Please contact us about it as this online store is not completely operational.  

We carry:  Off Road Cars and Trucks, On Road Cars,

Drifting Cars, Monster Trucks, 2WD and 4WD Cars and Trucks, Dragsters, Cars Appropriate for Beginners, R/C Escavators , R/C Dozers, R/C Loaders, and we carry the more serious cars that are usually sought after by "the racers."  These are popular 1/10 Scale Stadium Trucks, 1/10 2WD Buggies, 1/10 4WD Buggies, and 1/8 Buggies and Truggies. A lot of these are set for clay indoor racing so if you need wheels/tires for the clay  we usually carry them to get you on the track.  Contact us for any questions. 

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